USBJoy2.0 - adapter. Connect your Atari Amiga C64 joystick to PC! Develop your own usb device!


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Product available
  • Atari CX-40
    Atari CX-40
  • Sega 3-Button
    Sega 3-Button
  • Sega 6-Button
    Sega 6-Button
  • Atari CX-78
    Atari CX-78


USBJoy2.0 is an adapter for connecting the old retro game controllers to your host computer with USB input allowing you to play your favorite games using your favorite joystick or gamepad in either pc-games or older-retro-ones by using various emulators, including (from 26.04.2022) machines line TheC64(mini/maxi) and TheA500mini with newest 1.1.1 TheA500 firmware. However, Polish Matt Scorpion joysticks introduce some problems.


In addition, it has a prototype board functionality.

Supported joysticks and pads:

  • standard one-button or two-button joystick for Atari, Amiga or Commodore (eg. CX-40)
  • Atari CX78 - supported both buttons independently.
  • Sega three-button and six-button.
  • Sega Master Systems (not tested with the lack of equipment)
  • Nintendo, Pegasus 777, Dendy, Family Game, Super Famicom, etc. - pads with db9 9-pin plug.
  • C64/Atari paddles (USBJoys bought after 20.11.2020)

Prototype board functionalty:

USBJoy2.0 has small pads for all the ATMEGA-8a pins. Thus one can change the pcb into tiny microcontroller board. Built-in usb-asp programmer makes things easy.

OS compatibility:

USBJoy2.0 is compatible with Windows 98 and higher, MacOSX, Linux, raspberry PI platforms and clones, including (from 26.04.2022) machines line TheC64(mini/maxi) and TheA500mini. It presents itself as a standard HID joystick and does not need any drivers. USBJoy2.0 will work with every emulator or game that uses OS recognizable HID game controllers

Instructions for use:

USBJoy2.0 connected to the host computer without any joystick connected will be recognized as a standard 2-button USB joystick. To use other types of joysticks or pads  - first connect the pad to USBJoy2.0, and then USBJoy2.0 to a computer.

If you connect two USBJoy2.0 adapters to the computer you will have two-player functionality! Just assign them in the emulator and play with your friend!

The project is based on a project by Raphaël Assénat ( Changes from the original is the addition of the joystick CX-78, C64/Atari paddles, changes related to the detection of joysticks SEGA, NES pads detection; also, there's the USBasp bootloader installed, so you can upload new firmwares using eg. free software avrdude (

One-year warranty. Made in Poland.

On project's page you will find firmware, which can be loaded to the device using programs that support the USBasp programmer (e.g. avrdude). The firmware update only works on USBJoys purchased after May 16, 2014 (green professional PCB inside). Simply connect joystick to USBJoy and keep the first button pressed when connecting to computer. The USBAsp device should appear in USB Devices list, ready to be updated.