Stepstick A4988 complete (soldered goldpins)


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 Stepstick - bipolar stepper motor driver with  1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 microstepping, based on the Allegro A4988 chip (provides maximum 35V / 1.5A of power to driven motor), soldered goldpins.

Stepsticks technical data:

  • Maximum operating voltage motors: 35V (limitation of the A4988). Recommended - 12V or 24V (all capacitors have 50V breakdown voltage)
  • The minimum operating voltage for motors: 8V (limitation of the A4988)
  • Maximum operating current engines: 2A (limitation of the A4988, requires the substitution of one resistor). Our stepsticks are limited at 1.5A, so heat sinks are not required under standard conditions.
  • Power logic: 3-5V; Recommended 5V (because of the range of the reference voltage settings, which affects the maximum operating current of the motor).
  • The dimensions: 15.24mm x 20.32mm
  • Microstepping: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole step.
  • Compatible with the project:, please see "Building stepsticks with a 1.5A limit"
  • Sense resistors have a value 0.1Ohm, power 0.25W
  • PCB: 2-layer.
  • Solder mask: green.
  • Technique: Unleaded

Made in Poland. Each stepstick is being tested before shipment.

When it is worth to add to stepstick the heat sink: If stepstick is mounted in a large enclosure with natural or forced air circulation (or is not enclosed) and operated at a voltage not higher than 12V, it will not warm up so high that it would be necessary to add a heatsink. However, to ensure stable operation under all conditions, even when stepstick is mounted in a cramped enclosure without ventilation, high ambient temperature, or at 24V with a current above 1A, we offer you the opportunity to purchase our stepsticks with heatsinks.

How to connect the stepstick?

The diagram showed how to connect the power supply to the set: microcontroller - stepstick - engine. Pay particular attention not to connect the voltage 8-35V to power of the digital part, pyrotechnics guaranteed :)

Set the direction of motor by setting the DIR line to:

  • 0V (pulled down to the ground)
  • or VCC (pulled up to VCC)

When DIR is set to proper direction, make a short pulses on the STEP pin (0-1-0) to take motor steps in a certain direction. Every pulse makes one step of the motor.

To check it manually, you can build a simple circuit with two buttons that pull down the DIR and STEP lines respectively.

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