Atari CA-2001/LDW Super 2000 Disk Drive Repair Kit


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Atari CA-2001/LDW Super 2000 Disk Drive Repair Kit - to restore mechanical operability of the disk drive. Original plastic elements of handle pressure in the floppy disk wear away over the time. You can exchange them for a set printed in 3D. Printing parameters are chosen so that the parts are very strong. Made of ABS plastic, white colour. ABS is very durable and works as well as the original polyamide.

The kit consists of: two pushers and one clamping for disk drive handle.



1.    clean the plastic parts of any residue after printing,

2.    remove the top cover of disk drive,

3.    remove the four screws that secure the old clamping,

4.    remove the disk drive handle from the old clamping,

5.    put the new clamping on the disk drive handle,

6.    install the pusher at the end of the disk drive handle,

7.    mount the new clamping back with screws,

8.    in case the pusher presses the disk too strong, shorten the pusher of 0.1mm using eg. the
wallpaper knife. Do not use sandpaper - the remaining dust can fall into the disk surface damaging it; to prevent this, coat the pusher with the acetone and leave to dry.

Warning. It may happen that after installing the new pusher will fix in the opposite direction (there is only one opportunity to mount the pusher). In that case remove the plastic lever cover, put the pusher on the other side and put (it clicks) lever cover back.

NOTE: All repairs are performing at your own risk.